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  • Leaking roofs and emergency roofing repair services ResCom Roofing

    Leaking Roofs and Emergency Roofing Services

    It’s inevitable… you will eventually have a roof leak or be faced with an emergency roof repair situation. It doesn’t matter if you have the best quality shingles money can buy and you had the best qualified installation crew, you’re bound to [...]
  • Reasons semi annual roof maintenance ResCom Roofing

    5 Reasons Semi-Annual Roof Maintenance Increases Your Roof Lifespan

    How many times have you thought, “I need to have maintenance done on my roof today?” Probably never. Roof systems may be the most neglected part of a home. It makes a lot of sense why that would be the case. I mean… nobody is ever on their roof, [...]
  • Atlas chalet shingles can sabotage your home

    How Atlas Chalet Shingles Can Sabotage Your Home Sale

    The Atlas Roofing Company makes a variety of asphalt shingles. They are just like most of the other roofing manufacturers like GAR, CertainTeed, IKO and Owens Corning. They are make typical builder grade 3-tab shingles, a more durable [...]
  • Approved Insurance Claims

    How To File An Insurance Claim On Your Hail Damaged Roof

    Living in Georgia means being accustomed to strong Spring and Summer thunderstorms. Usually around the end of February or March, the cold Winter air starts moving out, and the warmer Spring temperature start moving in. But when those warm Gulf [...]

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