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Helping Others When Possible – What It

ResCom Charity Equine in Motion

Probably the most rewarding life experiences are those when you’re able to help others in need. As a rule, at ResCom Roofing we commit to doing our part as much as possible.

One of our owners, Clent McCullough lives on a horse farm here in Suwanee GA. This has allowed him to meet some truly amazing folks over the years. His path crossed with some extraordinary people who run a non-profit helping those with learning disabilities. Their primary focus is on helping kids but they don’t limit it to only kids. They are: North Georgia Equine In Motion.

At North Georgia Equine in Motion, they specialize in a very unique method of therapy called Hippotherapy.

It is a standardized curriculum that was formulated to utilize the horse and their unique quality of motion for physical, occupational and speech therapy. Sessions are performed on horseback, led by licensed therapisst and trained volunteers, to facilitate improvements in balance, gait, sensory processing, visual and perceptual skills, problem-solving, and social-emotional capacities.

Their facility boasts a new large arena, specially designed mounting ramp, ample parking and seating for guests, as well as PATH Trained instructors. Giving back is something we feel we’re obligated to do, and we’ve chosen to partner with Equine in Motion as our primary non-profit to support.

If you could see the look on these kids’ faces when they sit on top of a horse for the first time… you would understand exactly why we feel led to help these folks.

If you feel that you would also like to contribute to their cause, please contact them today to donate.

ResCom’s Committment

North Georgia Equine in MotionAt ResCom, we committed to giving at minimum, $100 from every full roof replacement we do. So, you can rest assured that you’re not only getting a top-quality roof job, but you’re also doing your part to help the kids at Equine in Motion.

To donate to North Georgia Equine in Motion – Call (770) 889-0885


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